Waste recovery has never been easier!
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Waste recovery is carried out through modern waste recovery facility under strict safety conditions. Thanks to state-of-the-art procedures and technologies, we at A-Z STAV can recover waste quickly and easily and turn it into a reusable material.

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Waste recovery procedure

Waste recovery

  • We crush construction waste into smaller pieces so that metal parts, wood, textiles and other impurities can be separated from it. We sort pieces of waste by size and type of material to separate the recycled from unsuitable waste. The material is cleaned using water or air.

Waste recovery procedure

Waste recovery

  • The newly generated recycled material is broken down into size fractions to be further processed. For example, concrete recycled concrete is recovered and used to make new concrete, road or as a foundation material.

Recovered materials

Waste recovery brings new – recovered materials, such as concrete recycling, building debris in the form of recycled aggregates. We also offer other recovered materials – wood, asphalt recycling.

170101 Betón

170101 Concrete

11250 tonnes

Coarse recycled aggregates
(concrete recycled)

3742 tonnes

Coarse recycled aggregate
(concrete recycled)

789 tonnes

170107 Zmesi betónov a tehál

170107 Concrete and brick mixtures

200308 Small construction waste

10996 tonnes

Coarse recycled aggregates
(building debris)

1101 tonnes

Recycled aggregate gravel crumb
(building debris)

3564 tonnes

Other type of material

We sort

  • Waste is sorted by type of material and pollution.

Other type of material

We will evaluate

  • The aim is to recover waste and extract new products or energy from it.
170201 Drevo

170201 Wood

1784 tonnes

191207 Wood

3670 tonnes

170302 Bitúmenové zmesi

170302 Bituminous mixtures

1969 tonnes

Recycled aggregate gravel
(asphalt recycled)

1773 tonnes

170904 Zmiešané odpady zo stavieb a demolácií

170904 Mixed construction and demolition wastes

8790 tonnes

191202 Ferrous metals

285 tonnes

191204 Plastics and rubber

12 tonnes

191204 Plastic and rubber
(mix plastic pipes and PVC plastic pipes)

175 tonnes

191209 Minerals
(material for further processing)

5189 tonnes

191212 Other wastes from mechanical treatment
(material for further treatment)

3735 tonnes

191210 Flammable waste
(Solid alternative fuel)

191 tonnes

191210 Flammable waste
(Solid alternative fuel)

658 tonnes

150106 Zmiešané obaly

150106 Mixed packaging

1244 tonnes

191201 Paper and paperboard
(compressed cardboard)

240 tonnes

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